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State Affiliation

Southwest Florida Paralegal Association, Inc. is a member of the Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations (FAPA). FAPA was organized in 1996 to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the paralegal profession and to address concerns and issues in assisting the legal profession with effective delivery of valuable and economical legal services. FAPA is an alliance of various Florida paralegal associations; it represents approximately 2,000 paralegals, and it uses the collective efforts of its member associations to:
  • Orchestrate and maintain a statewide communications network
  • Promote and foster the paralegal profession
  • Monitor developments in the legal field which impact the paralegal profession
  • Provide a unified voice for the paralegal profession and its member associations
National Affiliation

Southwest Florida Paralegal Association, Inc. is an affiliate of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (NALA). As an affiliate, SWFPA receives:
  • Current information about national developments which affect the paralegal profession
  • Active participation in NALA activities, including a voice on the Board of Directors, and involvement in membership forums, discussion sessions, and meetings during the annual meeting of NALA. For more information about NALA, please visit the NALA website.
The structure of NALA permits the affiliation of organizations whose objects, aims, constitutions, and bylaws are in harmony with the objects and aims of NALA. Through affiliation with NALA, state and local organizations receive the support and assistance of NALA in advancing the paralegal profession within their geographic areas.

Attributes of the affiliated association program include:
  • Members of NALA affiliated associations are not required to become members of NALA, except the affiliated association's NALA liaison.
  • Affiliation with NALA does not jeopardize the unique programs and philosophies of the affiliated association and its members.
The affiliated associations program was established by NALA in 1978. As of August 2002, 88 state and local paralegal associations are affiliated with NALA.