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02/01/2011 - President's Message Jan/Feb

            My colleagues and I look forward to the arrival of our calendars for the coming year.  Each page is pristine and holds so much promise.  What adventures will the new day bring?  What opportunities will present them selves on both a personal and professional level?


            As we begin our journey into 2011, I want to encourage all of you to consider serving on one of the many committees of our association.  Just a few of the many committees for your consideration are the Scholarship Committee, Seminar Committee, Job Bank, or CLA Review Course.  Serving on a committee is not only a great way to help strengthen our association, but also a great way to network and develop lasting friendships.


            Do you have an idea for a speaker or topic for one of our dinner meetings?  Let us know.  We are always looking for ideas and suggestions to bring topics that are meaningful to you, our members.  Speaking of our dinner meetings, the first dinner meeting of the New Year is on Wednesday, February 16, 2011.  (More details about the dinner meeting are available in the Newsletter.)   Bring a friend and/or colleague.  We love guests!  Who knows?  Perhaps, they will become members!  And donít forget to renew your membership!


            Each of us has the opportunity to make a difference this year.  How will you make a difference in your work place, home, community and paralegal association?