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04/06/2011 - President's Message Mar/April

            There is a commercial on TV showing everyday people doing random acts of kindness.  It starts with a woman standing on a street corner stopping a young man from stepping into on-coming traffic.  This is observed by a by-stander who in turn helps another individual and so on.  The commercial ends as it began.

            As commercials go, this one is nothing special.  I like it because it shows not only random acts of kindness, but unsung heroes.  Webster’s New Dictionary of the English Language defines "hero” as 1) a mythological or legendary figure of great strength or ability; 2) a man admired for his achievements and qualities; 3) the chief male character in a literary or dramatic work.

            Who are the heroes in your life?  When we were kids, it was our parents.  No matter what happened, what kind of scrapes or bruises we got, our parents could make it all better by that magical kiss on the hurt, knowing the right thing to say to make us feel better or fixing that beloved toy (even if it really was beyond repair).    Other heroes in our lives may have been a neighbor, a friend, other family member.  It might have been a teacher, doctor, fireman or policeman.  And yes, even our favorite comic book superhero or cartoon character.

            We’re surrounded by unsung heroes.  The co-worker who has been at the same job for years but really doesn’t like the job, would like to do something different and yet shows up every day.  The stranger who stops and helps you change your tire.  The friend who listens to you vent when you have a bad day.  Or, as happened in my office this week, the individual who left the chubby smiling face on the copier.  It made me stop and smile and yes, reminded me that nothing is really that serious.  The list goes on and on, yet we sometimes forget or don’t realize that these folks are in our lives.

            Look around and take time to find those unsung heroes.  Give them a smile.  Tell them thank you.  Who knows, maybe we can make that commercial a reality.