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01/13/2013 - Sarasota Clerk Update

Sarasota County Clerk begins to accept eRecorded documents

The Sarasota County Clerk’s office has joined other Clerk’s offices around the state and now offers electronic recording through a service provider named Simplifile. 

Designed as a solution for title companies, lenders, attorneys, and other customers seeking to record documents with the Sarasota County Clerk, this new eRecording service enables fast and efficient recording, through an experienced service provider, via the Internet.

As of January, this office began to accept electronically-recorded documents. The implementation has gone well, and those using it are very excited about the added service. The process is simple:

Set-up an account with Simplifile, the service provider. Compete the template for identifying the document or documents to be recorded, and press the send button to record with the Clerk. Payment for recording fees is also completed online through the Simplifile application.

It is simple and convenient, with an instant record of the document that has been sent to the Recorder’s office for recording. 

Using eRecording may eliminate some expenses associated with delivery methods, and provides immediate information about the document that has been recorded.  If you would like to get started, or for more information, go to SarasotaClerk.com and select Recording Requirements from the County Recorder menu choice. ###