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02/28/2013 - President's Message

SWFPA Presidentís Message by Ellen Wile, ACP, FRP, CAM

February 2013

And a Hoodie-Hoo to you! Those of you who attended the February 20 membership meeting know what Iím talking about, of course. Iíll keep that "secretĒ to ourselves.

For 2013, SWFPA has three main goals:

  • Promote use of and update more pages on the SWFPA web site;
  • Create a scholarship program for SWFPA members to assist in paying for the certified paralegal examination or advanced certified paralegal examination, and assist in paying for paralegal courses taken to achieve associate degree or advanced certificate in legal assisting; and,
  • Plan a half-day legal education seminar that will increase attendance and increase revenue for SWFPA compared to the 2012 seminar, making it easier to create the scholarship program described above.

Trite to say but your input as a SWFPA member is particularly crucial on the seminar goal. What are the topics that will likely draw in good attendance? This is a hard question and your wide ranging experiences and opinions are needed!!! Some of you please come forward to form a committee to plan this seminar. The hard part comes in the earliest stages. Success with the seminar will make it much easier to put together the scholarship program.

And make sure to come to the next membership meeting on April 17 !!!! Whatís planned is a presentation by my supervising attorney, Stephen Thompson, on Florida Community Association law. Youíve got to show up for the SWFPA Prezís boss, donít ya?! And donít some of you live in a condominium or homeowner association? Maybe you can squeeze some free legal advice out of a long-time legal practitioner in this field of law. See you then !!!!!