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05/22/2011 - President's Message May/June

I recently returned from Las Vegas where I attended a trade show.  The trade show was very informative and, at the same time, quite fascinating.  There were many companies from all over the world looking for clients, potential retailers to buy the wares for sale, even a gentleman from Scotland in full kilt and regalia.  It was quite the "melting pot” of countries, cultures and languages. 

While in Vegas, I found myself fascinated with the various shapes of the newer casinos built to represent various places – Paris with the Eiffel Tower (this is across the street from the Dancing Waters; a spectacular show), Luxor in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, New York New York (you guessed right) with, no less, a roller coaster and replica of the Statue of Liberty – and all of the neon lights.   The list goes on.  I stayed at the Excalibur – a castle replete with moat.  I love neon lights and the Vegas strip is full of them.  I first fell in love with neon lights in South Beach, Florida.  The art deco buildings, and down town Miami, are full of these wonderful lights full of various colors and different shapes.     

There is nothing really spectacular about neon lights; most of the time we see these lights advertising beer or telling us that a business is open.  I think what fascinates me is that these lights are so diverse.  Just like us.  Each of us, like the neon lights, is a unique being.  We all have different strengths, weaknesses, character traits, etc.  Some have the gift of comedy – they know when we need a good laugh; some are good listeners; some seem to know when we need a helping hand; others seem to know when we need a hug, pat on the back or just a gentle smile of understanding.  And, yes, sometimes those we care the most about, whether at home   or at work, have a way of really irritating us no end.  (Just remember that sometimes, like I found myself doing this past week, we are the one doing the irritation to no end.)

It’s hard during our hectic day in which we are trying to meet deadlines, complete projects, get files put to bed, etc. to see and rejoice in the diversity that each of us brings to the world each day.  My challenge to all of us is to stop and smell the roses, rejoice in the diversity that makes each of unique and not take life so seriously that we forget to laugh.  Not just at ourselves, but at all the wonderful things that make life a little more enjoyable.

Have a safe and joy filled Memorial Day Holiday.