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08/09/2011 - President's Message July/Aug

Change.  It happens all around us on a daily basis whether we like it or not.  Sometimes change can be good, sometimes bad and sometimes it is sad.   By the time you read this, our children will be back in school, Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner and Ė do I dare say it? -- Christmas will be only 15 weeks away and another year on the horizon.
We have had a change in our organization.  The Board received news that, after many years of working to improve our profession and representing us in front of a variety of forums to continue the improvement and recognition of paralegals, Susan Levine has resigned as our FAPA Representative.  Susan has not only worked tirelessly to help us on the state level, but she has been very active in education students, educators, attorneys and countless others about the need to curtail UPL and the educational qualifications to become a paralegal.  Susan has also worked tirelessly as a SWFPA member.  She is one of our founding members and continues to help make our organization strong.
Susan, thank you for all of your hard work; may your future endeavors be as fruitful as those you have already experienced.
With Susanís designation, SWFPA will need a second FAPA Representative.  Tammy Skonie is our current representative and the second representative will be working with her.  If you are interested or would like more information about the FAPA Representative position, please contact me.
Whatís on the horizon?  Thatís one of the neat things about change; one really doesnít know.  A new adventure begins.