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09/27/2012 - Clerk Website Redesign

Please see the attached flyer announcing enhancements to the Clerk’s Online Records webpages on www.SarasotaClerk.com.

By selecting Online Records from the SarasotaClerk home page, the new Public Records page lets you begin your online search from one single, easy starting point. Search for marriage licenses, official records, subdivision and condominium plats, traffic records, civil, criminal, probate, wills, guardianship and other court cases, all with just one click.

For members of the legal community, the new, convenient location of the ClerkNet log in screen supports the Court and other authorized users’ needs through the same internet-accessible, secure website for viewing case files—just in an easier to find location, combining technology and customer service to bring you a more streamlined, simple website experience.

We appreciate you sharing the information with your Writ of Assistants readership, and Association members. If you have any questions regarding these enhancements to our website at SarasotaClerk.com, please contact me at aaccardi@scgov.net .

Warmest regards,

Alicia C. Accardi
Communications Manager, Operations
Karen E. Rushing
Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller
2000 Main Street - P.O.Box 3079

Sarasota, FL 34230-3079

Media inquiries: 941.525.8074