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04/26/2013 - President's Message

SWFPA President’s Message by Ellen Wile, ACP, FRP, CAM

April 2013

And a Blah Blah Blah to you!  Kinda like Hoodie-Hoo, only different……You had to be at the April and February membership meetings to understand what I’m talking about…

But there was a lot of talking going on at the April 17 membership meeting, I must say.  Several announcements were made:


  • Vice President Karen Martell had to resign from her post and past president Annette Zang graciously agreed to fill the position, which the board officially approved;
  • Also, the board officially appointed the 2013 Audit Committee of Annette Zang as Chairperson, and Rita Haas and Tracy Kelly as members;
  • A SWFPA Website 101 Information Sheet was distributed on April 17 and posted on our website for all to use – thank you to Karin Turner, Tammy Skonie, and Malora Shaw;
  • 50-50 tickets are now being sold again at membership meetings and we encourage attendees to partake as desired; and,
  • Members in particular are asked to provide input on the preferred date and topic of the 2013 half-day SWFPA legal education seminar – a brief survey has been distributed and needs to be sent back to President Ellen Wile by May 1.


The speaker at the April 17 meeting was my boss, Stephen Thompson, discussing community association law in Florida.  Those of you who attended got a taste of his sense of humor and how he and I get along.  It’s a pleasure working for him and the Najmy Thompson firm.

Deadline to renew for 2013 is May 1 before paying a $10 late fee !!!

SWFPA is still confirming speaker plans for June 19 but make sure to attend.

REMEMBER - For 2013, SWFPA has three main goals:


  1. Promote use of and update more pages on the SWFPA web site;
  2. Create a scholarship program for SWFPA members to assist in paying for the certified paralegal examination or advanced certified paralegal examination, and assist in paying for paralegal courses taken to achieve associate degree or advanced certificate in legal assisting; and,
  3. Plan a half-day legal education seminar that will increase attendance and increase revenue for SWFPA compared to the 2012 seminar, making it easier to create the scholarship program described above.