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09/26/2013 - Declare Your Candidacy!

In the words of Past President, Sonja Behn: "Now is the time for all good members to come to the aid of their association!"
If you are an active member in good standing, it is time to consider raising your level of commitment and involvement with your local professional association by throwing your hat in the rang and running for office.  Download the Call for Declaration of Candidacy Form and take a moment to read the duties and responsibilities of our elected officers defined in the Association's Bylaws and Standing Rules.
In addition to the described duties, officers are expected to attend meetings of the Board of Directors at the beginning of each month as well as Association dinner meetings.  Officers may not serve more than two consecutive years in the same office, so your help is needed. Is there a position that may be right for you?  Now is the time to think about it.  Please consider becoming a candidate in the annual election on December 11.
As an officer, you will interact with new people, provide invaluable help to your professional association, and it will look great on your resume!