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CLA Review Course
Certified Paralegal (CP) Review Course
State College of Florida offers a CP review course at its Bradenton Campus.

Detailed Class Information:
Professional Responsibilities - 11238 - PLA 2950 - VC1
Associated Term: (contact SCF)
Levels: Credit
Bradenton Campus
Standard Lecture Schedule Type
3.00 Credits

For more information, please view the syllabus on the SCF website.
Please log on to the SCF website to register for the course.

NALA Eligibility Requirements for the CP Exam

You must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible to take the CP Exam:
  • Graduation from a paralegal/legal assisting program that is:
    • Approved by the American Bar Association; or
    • An Associate Degree Program; or
    • A post-baccalaureate certificate program in paralegal/legal assistant studies; or
    • A bachelor's degree program in paralegal studies; or
    • A paralegal program which consists of a minimum of 60 semester hours (900 clock hours or 90 quarter hours), of which at least 15 semester hours (225 clock hours or 22.5 quarter hours) are substantive legal courses

  • A bachelor's degree in any field plus one year's experience as a paralegal. Successful completion of at least 15 semester hours (or 22.5 quarter hours or 225 clock hours or equivalent CEU hours) of substantive paralegal courses will be considered equivalent to one year's experience as a paralegal; or

  • A high school diploma or equivalent plus 7 year's experience as a paralegal under the supervision of a member of the bar, plus evidence of a minimum of 20 hrs of continuing legal education credit completed within the 2 years immediately preceding the examination date.
NALA Certification Program:

For over 45 years, NALA’s Certified Paralegal program has been recognized both nationally and internationally and has received recognition from both the National Commission for Certifying Agencies and the American Bar Association. On April 30, 2014, the NCCA granted accreditation to the program, making NALA the only accredited Certified Paralegal Program under its recognized organizations. NALA's CP credential has also been acknowledged by the American Bar Association as a mark of high professional achievement. For more information on NALA Certification and testing, please visit the NALA website: www.nala.org/certification

Additional information on the CP examination, as well as application forms are available from:

NALA, Inc.
6450 South Lewis Avenue, Suite 250
Tulsa, OK 74136
(918) 587-6828 or
E-mail: NALA