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Our association encourages its members to attend professional development courses, obtain certifications, and similar educational pursuits. To help with the cost of this education, SWFPA offers a professional development scholarship each year to a selected applicant. The scholarship award amount is up to $250.00.

The scholarship award is given to the educational institution or professional development organization involved in providing the course or certification in which the selected member has applied.
The following rules apply to applicants for the professional development scholarship:
  1. The applicant must be an active member of SWFPA.
  2. The scholarship award must relate to the legal profession.
  3. The applicant must submit the scholarship application no later than October 1 of the current year to the Scholarship Committee, Southwest Florida Paralegal Association, Inc., Post Office Box 2094, Sarasota, Florida 34230-2094. Applications received after the deadline or which lack the required enclosures will not be considered.
The recipient of the professional development scholarship award will be selected by the SWFPA Scholarship Committee and approved by the SWFPA Board of Directors. The name of the recipient will be announced at SWFPA's annual meeting.
If you would like to apply for the scholarship, please download our scholarship application Scholarship Application.